Importance of play grounds

Your kid must have all the luxuries of the world with the latest ipads and the modern technology surrounding them, but what you don’t realize is that they are missing one main important thing from their life and that is play grounds. You probably wonder why should parents even consider old school play grounds especially when they have access to kids’ zone in malls where they can play and tire themselves, this is why here we have reasons why your kid is missing a play ground and they probably don’t even realize it:

  • Physical and emotional benefits

We can’t argue with the fact that play grounds are definitely a better option than sitting in front of a screen and trying to get fingers fractured with the nonstop game controller movements. Play grounds not only help with the physical fitness of children in fact they also help with the emotional development. When they see wooden outdoor slides for the first time, they are scared to try them and when they see that the result is worth the risk, they conquer their fears and enjoy it to their fullest.

  • Social benefits

Play grounds are filled with kids all around. From little ones to the older ones, your neighbourhood children and school children, everyone visits the same park and when they meet there for the sole purpose of enjoyment, you will be shocked to see how the enjoyment takes place and how soon that enjoyment turns into a cat fight which resolves the moment you blink and they get back to playing as if nothing ever happened. This all is socializing. They do more than just exchange homework and share game controls, they get to explore and experiment together.

  • School play grounds can ensure full attendance

If your child has a play ground in their school then you can be worry free about their lame excuses and silly pranks that can trick you into making them skip a day. They will probably look forward to their favourite time of the day when they get to play with all the others and when you see them happy, you will feel content about all your investments in things such as baby cot price in Dubai pay off with their little smiles.