What to do when your visa expires

Everything must come to an end, and that includes your visa. Tourist and visa holders know very well when that visa, especially tourist visa has a “shelf life”, meaning there is an expiry date that you need to remember or else you get into trouble.

But sometimes, you would like to extend your stay and explore more of the place. If you find yourself cramming to get your visa extended, read on these tips and know what to do.


  1. Calm down

Some travellers and tourists find themselves on panic mode once they realize that they are in a hot situation. Panicking will only waste time so calm down and get yourself together. Once you are cool, take some calls and contact the people or service provider that can help you. There are visa run UAE service provider that can help you on your predicament.


  1. Know the next steps

Once you have the right person, know what would be the next move. Normally, it would depend on what kind of visa you have. For tourist visa, extension would not be possible. For a visit visa, you have to go to the Department of Naturalization and Residency and pay AED 500 to renew without leaving UAE. You can also book a visa run Abu Dhabi to other location. Take a flight back to UAE and have a new visit Visa. For residence visa extension or renewal, you might have to ask help from the company’s PRO.


  1. Prepare the necessary documents

If you don’t have the necessary papers with you, visa run would be difficult. Be sure you have the necessary papers like your passport, valid IDs, and copy of your former visa in case you need it. Put them in a safe place in your hand carry luggage. If possible, have them scanned so you have soft copies in case you might be needing it.


  1. Ask how much it cost

Visa runs cost around 500 – 1000 dhs depending on the drop off location. But make some adjustments for the processing fee. You can ask a service provider if you want to know the estimate costing of the process. For residence visa extensions, the company they work would be paying the processing fee.


  1. Be mindful of the date

Be sure to remember the expiry date of your visa. Put it in your calendar or set an alarm just in case you need more extension. Set the alarm a week or two before the actual expiry date so you will have time to process your papers.