A Few Fascinating Facts about Camels

Camel riding is usually included in morning safari Dubai packages offered by travel and tour agencies. If you are planning to avail that activity, you would surely love to know these short yet fascinating facts about camels


  1. Camels have a long lifespan. They normally last for around 40 to 50 years.
  2. The pee of camels look like thick syrups because they retain water for a long period of time.
  3. The milk of a camel milk contains less sugar and fats compared to a cow’s milk. The former is also said to be healthier and is rich in vitamins, minerals and iron.
  4. Camels have unbelievably curly and long eyelashes to protect their eyes against dust, dirt and sand.
  5. This kind of animal drinks up to 40 gallons of water in one sitting (we mean standing).
  6. Some people believe that the camel’s hump stores water. The truth is it contains fats. It’s their source of energy especially because they don’t eat often.
  7. Camels run really fast – around 40 miles per hour.
  8. If you think camels don’t sweat, well you’re wrong. They sweat like everyone else but the temperature has to be 41 degrees Celsius.
  9. Speaking of vitals, camels can weigh up to 1,500 lbs and can be as tall as 7 feet.
  10. Camels can live without drinking water for until two months because they have oval-shaped red blood cells. Rather than become compact, the blood continues to flow whenever a camel becomes dehydrated.
  11. Aside from having thick and lengthy eye lashes, camels also have hairy ears to prevent sand from entering. Their noses are also protected. Their nostrils close in between two breaths keep dust and sand away.
  12. Female camels’ pregnancy lasts for around 9 to 14 months. There is no exact number of months because the length depends on how often they eat food.
  13. If there’s a need to defend themselves, camels use their four feet to kick their opponent in four directions,
  14. The earliest people ride camels during wars because of their capability to live without food and water during long journeys.
  15. Camel meat is a favorite of people in the Middle East.
  16. Some clothing companies use the camel’s fur as linen.


You can learn more about camels by meeting them in person. You can ride a camel in Dubai Desert Safari and ask the person in charge for more camel-related trivia. Good luck on your meet up!