How to naturally increase breast size

Unless you have the money and time for a breast lift, natural breast enhancement is your best bet for a fuller bust line and firmer chest. To naturally increase the size of your breasts, it is highly recommended for you to try natural breast enhancers. Some of these enhancers come as pills, some come as creams, and others are nothing more than small changes to your daily routine. While natural breast enhancement supplements and getting breast implants in Dubai are good options, the cheapest way to enhance breast size is by massaging them.


Breast massage is a natural technique that has long been used to promote firmness, tone, and healthy growth. By massaging the breasts on a regular basis, many women have reported an increase in size, shape, and attractiveness.  Below is a guideline on getting the most out of a breast massage. The oil or cream used can be any kind you want as long as it reduces friction. There are creams formulated specifically to make breasts firm but they are not a necessity for the massage, only a plus.



When massaging your breasts, use an enhancement cream or olive oil, or any lubricant of your choice to prevent friction. The process can be very soothing and enjoyable when a good lubricant or oil is applied first. If you have the ingredients or are curious, a herbal mix can be put together to promote breast tone and firmness.


The actual massage should be light and gentle. The breast can be kneaded or simply rubbed over in a back and forth motion. It depends on preference and if you have no preference, both methods can be used. In order to promote lymphatic drainage, use a counter clockwise motion around the breast from time to time. As time progresses, the massage can become firmer in nature. Again, as per your preferences.


For best and fast benefits, breast massages should be done daily. To make it easier to remember, make it a part of an already existing routine. Take a fresh shower and while the skin is moist and the room steamy, lubricate the breasts and massage them. This can be done at any point in the day and as often as is feasible. The duration of the massage should be a couple of minutes, usually 5 minutes. However, this depends on how much time you have and how much you enjoy it.


The fact of the matter is that plastic surgery in dubai, including breast augmentation and eyelid surgery in Dubai, is very expensive. Hence, to enhance your breast size, it is best for you to try natural methods.