Tips On Choosing and Using The Right Fabric In A Food Shoot

In food photography, the composition of the whole photo is important, which means that every component and element in the frame should complement each other, including the fabrics that will be used.

Yes, your fabrics can make or break a food photo shoot as it may distract the viewers’ attention to cloth instead of the dish. To ensure that you are using the right fabric, simply follow these tips:

  • Get a variety of color for your fabric

One thing that food stylists need to keep in mind is the color of the fabric may change in appearance once it is placed under the lights. It is because that fabrics have colorants, whiteners and brighteners that will react with the lights. It would be best to bring a variety of shades of the fabric so you can choose which one would look excellent with the set up. Bring at least three shades and have it test for checking.


  • Say no to too much patterns

Every food photographer in Dubai would agree that the dish is the star of the photo shoot. Hence, it should not be upstaged by other elements in the frame, including the fabric. Experienced food stylists always recommend to use a fabric with simple designs to complement the frame. Avoid using patterned-fabrics and clothing as it will just divert the viewer’s attention from to food to the cloth.


  • Opt for subtly-textured fabric

Another thing that you need to take into account when choosing a linen for a food photo shoot is the texture. Since having patterned-linens is not an option, you can make do with textured fabrics. Texture can add much needed character to a frame and even a nice contrast. But be sure to choose the ones with subtle texture. Heavily-textured linens might not look good on the camera and also distract the viewers from the true star of the shoot, which is the dish.


  • Bring in a variety of linens in the shoot

Using the same linen for the photo shoot over and over again is a big NO-NO. For one, it would make the shoot look repetitive for the viewers and will not bring variety to the shot. As much as possible, use different linens for different dishes so the viewers to give the shot a distinct look and unique character. Bring in different fabrics in different colors so the photographer and stylist will have options.