Merits of Cladding Building Material

Talking about the UAE construction industry is like showing light to the sun. With the Expo 2020 in the mind, the companies in the Emirates are working days and nights to erect new structures, both commercial and residential. This massive construction activity further augments the cladding Dubai requirements in the country.


The cladding has become an essential part of the modern day constructions as it adds safety, aesthetics and functions to a structure. The process of cladding involves various materials including plastic, wood, metal, and imitation stone. Following are some of the benefits of using claddings in buildings.


  1. Ensure Safety and Protection

Coating one building material with another one adds another layer to the basic structure of the building. With that extra layer comes more safety and protection against the wears and tears of weather and other elements. Cladding adds the strength quotient to any structure. The buildings with claddings installed are better guarded against any chances of cracks, which are normally caused by earthquakes, climate change, and temperature. Moreover, cladding also is a great resistance against pollution and water absorption and damages due to extreme weather in Dubai. Even in other parts of the world where climatic conditions are not similar to the United Arab Emirates, claddings ensure safety from humidity, strong winds, rains, and moulds.


  1. Claddings Don’t Cost a Fortune

Once you install claddings to the buildings, your financial headaches reduce as these extra layers are very low maintenance. Claddings don’t need much cleaning or renovation when compare with painted surfaces. A regular wash is all required to keep claddings clean, clear, and fresh. The low maintenance feature works with all the materials used for the claddings whether it is aluminum or wooden claddings. Aluminum claddings, as for instance, are very stable and strong, which is why they are the best suited addition to augment column covers, canopies, roofs, and facades.


  1. Claddings Add Beauty Quotient

Another positive aspect of using claddings for the structures and buildings is its ability to add aesthetics. If chosen wisely, these claddings can drastically give a new makeover to the overall look of a building. Adding beauty to a housing unit always adds points to its market value. Brick, stone, and granite claddings not only add strength to the building or the structure, but these also come with many options and varieties so as to add beautification to the erected property. If you found it a great post to read, you would like to know more about the various options available with us.

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