How to Develop Your Individual Studying Strategy

The framework of the GMAT is verifies that each business school applicant is unique. But, we must also admit that there are some methods of learning that apply to everyone. Before you start to review for the GMAT, it’s advisable that you first identify your learning style. Below are some tips for audial, visual, and manual learners:


  • If you consider yourself as an audial learner, it means that your sense of hearing is dominant in helping you learn new things. You may not find reading books interesting. If this is your case, you may start taping your classes to make sure you capture all of the important information including those you may not have included in your notes. You may also ask a friend or a relative to be a study partner. When you are working with another person, it will help you hear again the lessons you had in class.


  • If you think you are a visual learner, it means you usually take copious notes. And because you are busy jotting down notes, you may sometimes fail to absorb some key points discussed during class. You may also get easily bored when the class discussion becomes too lengthy or if the topic is too complicated for you to comprehend. We advise that if you’re a visual learner, you should read your materials thoroughly and take down vital information that you have read. If the lesson is complicated, try to write some paragraphs that summarize the data presented in your material. This will surely help you understand complex topics.


  • If you know to yourself that you are a manual learner, it means that you prefer to experience things for you to learn them. So, you should start spending some observation time in facilities that relate to your business-related field of interest. It’d also be great if you could obtain an internship or some volunteer work for you to have hands-on experience.


These are tips for you to develop your individual studying strategy. But if you want some professional help with your GMAT preparation in Dubai, then you should search for that reliable institution, which will help you review. Just click the link, contact us, and let our professional staff help you pass all four sections of the GMAT. Let’s work together to make sure that you’ll be admitted to your target business school.


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