A Modern Bride’s Guide To Scouting Wedding Suppliers

Walking down the aisle is definitely a memorable experience for every bride. But the planning leading to that event can be a taxing and grueling experience. Brides-to-be are always on their toes to ensure that everything would be perfect on that day, and the key to a flawless wedding day is having the right wedding contractors at your side.

But the scouting process itself can be a daunting experience. With a number of wedding suppliers trying to sell their services, it can be hard for brides and grooms to pick the ideal wedding partners. But take heart. Here are some tips that can help brides on choosing the best contractors for their wedding day:

  1. Try your inner circle

Your connections might be able to lead you to the best wedding suppliers in town. You can ask your closest relatives, friends and officemates for recommendations, especially the ones who recently tied the knot. They will be able to give you a list of credible wedding suppliers they worked with – from caterers to a reputable wedding photographer in Lake Como. The good thing about asking personal recommendations is that you will be able to know your friends’ personal experience dealing with these wedding suppliers.

  1. Visit wedding websites

The internet is definitely a place to find what you need, including wedding suppliers. Do your homework and search the net for wedding websites that provide lists of wedding suppliers. Most of these wedding websites feature suppliers and their body of work. Through the write-ups and reviews, you will have a general idea of how these featured suppliers work and what their clients say about them.

  1. Try wedding apps

Take advantage of the technology and try wedding apps for a change. Aside from wedding sites, there are wedding apps that couples can use in planning their wedding. These apps can also connect you with credible suppliers on their contact list. This might be an unorthodox way of scouting, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

  1. Do not be afraid to try freelancers

Most of the time, couples and wedding planners are looking for wedding suppliers from big firms and agencies. But there are individuals and small businesses who might be able to provide you the service you need. Try checking out makeup artist Dubai freelance pages and go through the list of freelancers that are offering their services to brides and grooms.

  1. Try to scout within your local area

Expert wedding planners advise their clients to look for suppliers within their local community. Booking suppliers that are too far from the venue is not only impractical, but it can also add to your wedding expenses since most of these suppliers charge an additional fee to cover their transportation allowance.