5 Things You Need To Tell Your Personal Trainer

Communication is an important aspect in fitness. A trusted female personal trainer in Dubai said that when the personal trainer and the client is seeing eye-to-eye, it would be easier for both parties to work together towards the common goal – the client’s fitness.

Which is why it is importance that you communicate important information to your personal trainer and be honest when he/she ask about certain things that is related to fitness. If you will be working with a personal trainer anytime soon, here are some things he/she should know:

  1. Your current medical condition

It is important that you relay this information to your personal trainer so he/she could align the routines according to your health standing. When a client fails to be honest about his/her medical condition, the professional career of the personal trainer is at risk as he/she will be the point person if something happens to their clients during training sessions. It would be best to be forthcoming about this information to get the full confidence of your personal trainer.

  1. Your fitness goals

Another important thing that you need to relay to your personal trainer is your fitness goals. Sessions would be useless if you don’t have a goal in mind. It doesn’t have to be something drastic. As simple as maintaining your weight and fitness can be considered as a fitness goal.

  1. Fitness classes you want to attend

Most of the time, clients want to experience a new routine by joining fitness classes. It would be best to tell your fitness trainer about this. Going behind their behind back is a sign of disrespect and it can mess up with your current routines. When you tell your personal trainer about the fitness classes that you want to join in, they can make adjustments to your routines accordingly.

  1. If you are having difficulty

One of the biggest mistakes that clients commit when working with a personal trainer is not telling them if they are having a hard time doing the routines. The personal trainer would go as usual with your routines if you don’t air your complaints about the fitness routines. Be sure to communicate this when you feel like you are having a hard time.

  1. If you want to level up your routines

Most clients tend to get bored with their exercise routines once they mastered it or get too familiar with their classes. Be sure to tell your personal trainer about so they can also level up your routines and adjust your fitness plan to the next level.

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