5 Must-Have Necktie Styles for Men

Men, you need to have the following necktie styles on your cabinet. You can hoard different colors on the nearest necktie outlets, or hire a personal shopper who can each style for you.


  1. Plaid Necktie

As its name suggests, a plaid necktie is filled with overlaid stripes that come in various widths, patterns, and colors. This kind of necktie is best paired with plain, pastel or dark long sleeves. However, they are not suitable for strict business events. We suggest that you avail a men’s personal stylist service to learn more about proper mix and match of apparel. Plaid neckties are also known as Tartan neckties.


  1. Polka Dot Necktie

If you think polka dots are just for New Year’s Eve, you’re certainly wrong. Polka dot neckties are also appealing, especially those with wide-spaced dots, and dark background color. You can wear polka dot neckties over a typical plain formal attire, but try to stay away from them during board meetings. Your best picks are those with white, or pastel dots.


  1. Plain Necktie

This is the most popular kind of necktie simply because it fits all types of formal wear, and all occasions. Plain neckties are also called solid neckties. The safest colors to wear are dark blue, purple, and burgundy shades. Avoid wearing solid black necktie on a tux to remain unique and stylish.


  1. Striped Necktie

Striped neckties come in different sizes, patterns, and colors. There are diagonal, horizontal, and vertical types. Some have two to four colors. Striped neckties are acceptable on strict business events, especially the diagonal version. In terms of color, your best choices are two-toned stripes such as dark blue plus black, pink plus dark brown, and violet plus black.


  1. Novelty Necktie

Superman, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds, Minions, eggs, name it. The kids’ favorite cartoon characters are the staples of novelty neckties. Many shops offer novelty neckties for fun, and style purposes. Although you can’t always wear them in the office, it’s still a must to have at least one novelty necktie for future use. In case you need to attend a costume party, you would have something cool to wear.



If you want to have personalized neckties, try to get in touch with the best bespoke tailors in Dubai. Aside from bespoke style solutions, they also offer personal shopping, closet organization, and personal styling services for men.