All About Weekend Weddings: What You Need to Know

Weekend weddings have now become hugely popular, since the past few years, because many families are now staying long distances away from each other. Scheduling a weekend wedding enables all the relatives and families to come together and share beautiful and sweet moments together. Normally, weekend weddings have the longest hours to beat as three days are usually needed. It starts on a Friday night and ends on Sunday noon. So, in order to make these moments fun, pleasant, entertaining and magical, there are full range varieties of services, activities and entertainment offered by DJs, which will not only make the time go by easily, but will also indulge the guests in activities.


As weekend weddings are very festive, the appointment of a DJ will help it to become much more successful and worth remembering. The couple can decide and choose the type of weekend beach wedding Dubai they prefer, as the activities they can indulge in are unlimited. For example, if the venue is near a beach, the DJ can organize pre-wedding activities such as swimming or volley ball.


Popular weekend wedding activities

One of the most popular activities is the scavenger hunt, which is usually a pre-wedding activity. During this activity, the DJ prepares a to-do list of meaningful activities and then divides the guests in two teams. In the to-do list, items such as ‘take a photo of the place where the couple got engaged’ or ‘bring a brochure from the jewellery store from where the bride’s ring was bought’ are included. The first team to complete the given tasks is the winner. This activity engages all the guests and makes the weekend pass more pleasantly. Prizes are also awarded to the winning team.


Another popular activity is the competitive sports activity. The DJ organizes game competitions, such as baseball and flag football. To make the game more pleasant and fun, prizes such as a kiss from the bride are included. To make things spicier, the teams are divided as the team representing the bride’s side and team representing the bridegroom’s side and silly rules like, if the bride’s team loses, they shall wear tiaras are incorporated.


A weekend wedding should be just about dreamy and be remembered and talked about as a fairy tale. It should be as fresh as possible, even when the couple or the relatives talk about it after many years or when narrating it to others. If you are interested in holding a beach weekend wedding, click here right now to seek assistance.